Copper Ridge Colorado Springs

Copper Ridge Colorado Springs

Recently the national outdoor retail giant Bass Pro Shops announced it was going to start construction in April 2012 on its next location at Copper Ridge At Northgate in Colorado Springs. Geographically it will be situated right behind the mining museum near I-25 and Northgate Blvd. Naturally a lot of people are interested in this addition to the neighborhood. Several questions have come up from my real estate clients in the surrounding areas – I.E. Flying Horse (particularly The Village of Saratoga), Greyhawk Estates, Northgate Estates, Stone Crossing at Middle Creek , Sun Hills and Gleneagle. Questions seem to be revolving around property values, lifestyles, taxes and so forth. In an effort to get the answers to these questions, we called the national headquarters for Bass Pro Shops and spoke to their public liaison office. After explaining my position as a real estate broker specializing in the Northgate and Voyager area of Colorado Springs and being presented with client questions, I asked them about design elements. I also asked about some of the more intrusive aspects that could affect our area, most notably nighttime exterior lighting. Ms. Mitchell was most helpful and assured me that “the design would greatly resemble their other locations throughout the country” and lighting would be “low in both level and height”. The thrust of the design will be log and stone with a “Rocky Mountain Cabin feel”, in other words, it will fit perfectly with Northgate real estate.

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A few minutes later I received a call from Gary Erickson, the developer of the entire Copper Ridge Colorado Springs development, a project of 200 total acres. Mr. Erickson was quite helpful, and as you might expect, very excited about Copper Ridge At Northgate finally getting off the ground, the project has been in development for 8 years. The main question at that point became ingress and egress, most namely, what about Powers Blvd. being finished and tying into I-25? Since the state of Colorado, the city of Colorado Springs and the county of El Paso are all involved in the completion of Powers Blvd., he could not offer me an exact date, however he was willing to provide an “expected date of completion in 2014”. Mr. Erickson fully understood and respected the fact that the neighborhoods of Flying Horse, Northgate Estates, Northgate Highlands, Greyhawk and Middle Creek will all be looking down valley into the development. The reality is most of the folks that own homes in these Colorado Springs neighborhoods bought with the intent of having views of Pikes Peak, the Air Force Academy and the city. Much to the delight of all these homeowners (myself included) he assured me that those views would not be impeded.

What about the other retail near Bass Pro Shops Colorado Springs?

Mr. Erickson went onto to mention that he is currently in negotiations with “two nice restaurants” that are to be located in Copper Ridge as well. Most interestingly, a destination hotel/resort called the Colorado Grand Hotel and Resort is also to be included along with an indoor/outdoor water park spanning over 30,000 square feet. The plan includes additional retail units spanning from “gas stations to coffee shops”. This 200 acre project will have plenty of room for parking and additional store fronts. From the standpoint of vacant land, it is considered the “norm” for a project of this size, to need 10,000 homes in the surrounding area to support it. The Northgate region is quickly approaching that as we speak, just ask Saint Aubyn Homes, Challenger Homes and Classic Homes – all of whom are selling lots faster than they can build in this area. Find me another neighborhood who is experiencing this type of growth in these economic times. In fact, these housing numbers are the key that set the whole Copper Ridge Colorado Springs development into motion and brought Bass Pro Shops Colorado Springs on board (no pun intended). The local taxes generated by these retailers will go a long way toward improving our infrastructure, our roads, District 20 schools and our way of life. Will this generate more homebuilding in our area? Most certainly. Will it mean more traffic? Yes. Will it create more opportunities for shopping and dining in Northern Colorado Springs? Absolutely. Will everybody love it? No, but there will be a lot of people spending their money in Northern El Paso County instead of South Denver and Park Meadows.

What will this do to Northgate home values?

If all of this comes to fruition as stated (and I believe it will), the answer is simple, this project will most definitely increase your property value if you live in Flying Horse, Northgate, Stone Crossing or Greyhawk. The quality of life in almost every facet of local living for all of us on the north side of Colorado Springs will increase. Your property value will be boosted without having to turn a shovel, pay the taxes or water the landscaping. If you live in Northern Colorado Springs, then congratulations, you just made money without having to lift a finger. On top of this, Mr. Erickson is a long time Northgate area resident, a local guy who understands what this portion of town is missing. For that reason, he donated 80 acres in the middle of Copper Ridge At Northgate for a park. In summation, we should all be excited about this prospect and what it will do for our home values. If you are considering buying a home on the north end of town, I wouldn’t wait too long…….

Travis Turner | Employing Broker

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