Breaking A Lease To Buy A House?

Colorado Springs Lease Break Program

Colorado Springs Lease Break Rebate

Here’s the scenario: You live in Colorado Springs (or are moving to Colorado Springs), and have decided you want to buy a house and take advantage of low interest rates and low pricing. Or better yet, you have found your dream home and are ready to purchase – there’s just one problem: You just signed a lease on your current rental (or apartment) and your stuck…..

Well there’s good news! Turner Associates just a launched the first Lease Break Program of its kind in the Colorado Springs Region. Here’s how it works:

1) Find out exactly how much your lease break fee is

2) Forward the documenation to us here at Turner Associates

3) Begin working with us as a client (no contract involved) and we’ll start the home search

4) When we close on the new home, we will forego a portion of our commission and the title company cuts a check to the leasing company who is owed the lease break fee!

What it means for you:

You don’t have to pay for the lease break fee, you remain whole, and you can go ahead and commit to buying the home right now. In addition you can completely avoid the awkward conversation between you and the landlord or leasing director.

What it means for the leasing company or landlord:

They get a check cut to them for the full amount of the lease break fee (up to a limit of $2,000) the day we close on your new home.

What it means for Turner Associates: 

We still receive a generous commission that you don’t pay for. Because we are not a franchise, we have the freedom to forward some of our commission to the leasing company to make our clients happy, yet still remain profitable.

So if you are buying a home in Colorado Springs and think you can’t get out of your lease – think again!

Call Travis today at (719) 244-3645  for details on breaking a lease and our Colorado Springs Lease Break Rebate.

Thank you and sincerely,

Turner Associates | Colorado Springs Realtors



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